120 people detained in the ‘TikTok’ operation


In an operation launched in 37 cities, based on the grounds that credit card information was obtained without individuals’ consent, tokens were purchased on TikTok using these cards, and unfair profits were made by sending them to broadcasters on the same platform, 120 people were detained.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Interior, in coordination with the Cyber Crimes Department of the General Directorate of Security (EGM), the Istanbul Cyber Crimes Branch received information that “credit card information was obtained by some individuals without the knowledge and consent of the victims, tokens (virtual currency used on the platform) were purchased on the social media platform called TikTok using these cards, and unfair profits were made by sending them to broadcasters on the same platform.”

During the investigations carried out with the permission of the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was evaluated that a facilitating and concealing process was conducted for the offense of “money laundering of assets obtained from a crime” in accordance with Article 282 of the Turkish Penal Code, and the offense of “financing terrorism” in Law No. 6415.

Within this context, more than 4,000 bank account transactions were examined for offenses including “fraud by using information systems as a tool for banking or credit institutions,” “misuse of bank and credit cards,” “money laundering of assets obtained from a crime,” and “establishment of an organization to commit a crime,” and it was determined that there was a flow of 1.2 billion Turkish lira.

In a simultaneous operation conducted in 37 cities, centered in Istanbul, 120 suspects were apprehended among 215 suspects, and 32 apartments, 9 plots of land, 6 commercial properties, and 1 villa, 38 vehicles, ownership shares of 14 companies, 1,700 bank accounts, and cryptocurrency accounts, 82,000 Turkish lira, 17,300 dollars, and 6,650 euros, 2 unlicensed firearms, blank firearms, and 93 cartridges, a quantity of drugs and stimulants, and numerous digital materials were seized.

Efforts are ongoing to apprehend the remaining suspects.


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