2,000-year-old Hercules rock relief about to disappear

2,000-year-old Hercules rock relief

The 2000-year-old Hercules rock relief in Iznik district of Bursa province in Turkey is being vandalized.

The Hercules relief, which is thought to have been made by stone workers working in the region during the Roman period, was irreversibly damaged by unidentified persons or persons.

The relief was vandalized to search for treasure.

According to an allegation; the scepter in Hercules’ right hand, believed to represent power, disappeared.

The area with the Hercules relief turned into a swamp

According to a special report by IHA; the old quarry site where the Hercules relief is located has turned into a swamp with the olive sludge poured before.

2,000-year-old Hercules rock relief
Photo: IHA

Hercules, who was carved on the rock fragment found in the quarry in the 3rd century BC and referred to as Heracles in Greek mythology, is believed to be the son of Zeus and Alkmene, the daughter of the king of Mycenae. Statues and reliefs were believed to protect people from evil in those times.

2,000-year-old Hercules rock relief being vandalized
Photo: IHA

The relief depicts Hercules holding a scepter in his right hand, representing his power, and a seven-headed snake in his left hand, which he killed. This character is known as Heracles in Greek mythology and Hercules in Roman mythology.

Cover photo: Hercules Rock relief. IHA

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