According to Info Investment, six sectors that can earn in the stock market in 2024

Borsa Istanbul

Info Investment reported that the insurance sector earned the most in the stock market this year.

Info Investment announced the 2024 Finance Research Report. According to the report, the dollar exchange rate is expected to be 32 TL and inflation is expected to be 64.8 percent until the local elections.

In December 2024, inflation is expected to fall to 39.2 percent, while the dollar / TL is expected to rise to 40.90 TL.

Sectors expected to earn in 2024

According to the report, which states that the most profitable sector in 2023 was insurance, the sectors that will delight investors in the stock market in the new year will be banking, insurance, transportation, stone soil, food retail and clothing retail.

What made the most profit this year?

In the report, the most profitable and losing sectors in Borsa Istanbul in 2023 and the expectations for 2024 were also announced.

In 2023, the sector that made its investors the most happy in the stock market was insurance with 145.39 percent as of December 14, while SME industry made 125.47 percent, sports shares 118.89 percent, and stone and soil 107.05 percent.

According to the report, it is thought that the effects of the local elections will not be as much as the general elections. Stocks and sectors will come to the fore with the expectation of positive real returns and risk-free returns approaching inflation.

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