Administrative fine from the Competition Authority to Kafein Software

The Competition Authority imposed an administrative fine on Kafein Software for violating the Law on the Protection of Competition.

The following information is included in the statement given by Kafein Yazılım to KAP.

“In our Material Event Disclosure dated 01.05.2022, it was shared that the Competition Authority decided to open an investigation to determine whether Article 4 of the Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition was violated by making gentleman’s agreements in the labor market.

Within the scope of the Competition Authority’s investigation numbered 2022-5-006, we have been notified of the decision to terminate the investigation against our company and within the framework of the final decision, it has been decided to impose an administrative fine of TL 1,577,475.28 over the gross revenues of 2021. The payment will be made on time within one month by utilizing the 25% discount (as 1,183,106.46-TL) in accordance with the relevant Law.”

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