Ahat Andican resigned from his party

Abdul Ahat Andican

Abdul Ahat Andican, a founding member of the İYİ Party and former Member of Parliament, has announced his resignation from the İYİ Party.

Andican announced his resignation news on his social media account.

Andican, in his statement on social media, wrote the following:

“Dear Friends, I hereby announce that I have terminated my membership in the İYİ Party, which I have had the honor of being a founder and member of parliament. As a politician who has served as a member of parliament for two terms and as a minister for one term, I became a founding member of the İYİ Party, believing that it is a national duty to fight against a mentality that is hostile to the values of the Republic and Atatürk’s Turkey in an era dominated by fear and oppression. Throughout the 27th term of the parliament, I have appeared on hundreds of TV programs, and some of my parliamentary speeches have been viewed by more than a million people on social media. As a member of parliament, I believe that I have served the İYİ Party adequately by conducting fieldwork at the level of streets, neighborhoods, and homes in my electoral districts. Of course, the judgment belongs to our esteemed nation. Unfortunately, at this point, it is no longer possible to carry out a harmonious collaboration with the İYİ Party administration, both politically and structurally. On the other hand, the mentality that does not hesitate to ruthlessly exploit all the institutions and resources of the state for votes, abuse religion, sell citizenship, bring enemies of the republic to the parliament, and deceive the people with false slogans and manipulated videos has won the elections by a narrow margin and continues to maintain its power. Therefore, the struggle must continue. That is why I have joined the ‘Opposition without a Party’ ranks. From now on, as an ordinary citizen, I will continue the fight against the mentality I described above in every possible platform. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and extend my deepest love, respect, and well-wishes to all the people of my beautiful country who have voted for me, encouraged me with their support, and guided me with constructive criticism. Stay well…”

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