Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant is set to commence full-scale testing

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority has granted permission for the commissioning of the first reactor at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. Following the obtained authorization, full-scale testing will commence at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant.

Denis Sezemin, the Production and Construction Organization Director of Akkuyu Nuclear JSC, stated that they will move on to comprehensive adjustment and operation stages at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) following the Nuclear Regulatory Authority’s (NDK) granting of necessary permission for the commissioning of the first reactor.

Sezemin elaborated on the ongoing work at Turkey’s first nuclear power plant under construction in Gülnar district of Mersin.

Regarding NDK’s authorization for commissioning the first reactor of the plant, Sezemin said, “This signifies that ‘We have done everything correctly both in terms of Turkey and international regulations.'”

Emphasizing the significance of this milestone, Sezemin stated, “This permission allows us to start comprehensive adjustment and operation stages. This is a crucial step before commissioning the unit. Testing of technological equipment will be conducted, ensuring the readiness of the plant for commissioning as a result of these activities.”

“We are starting full-scale testing” Sezemin, noting the nearing completion of the construction of the first unit, provided the following assessment:

“Alongside the commissioning permit, we are commencing full-scale testing. A 300-ton overhead crane has been installed in the turbine building. Currently, the installation of turbine generator equipment is underway. Using the pole crane installed in the reactor building, we conducted a very important technological process. Qualified personnel from Akkuyu Nuclear JSC and other stakeholders performed the test installation of internal reactor devices and the lid. After the installation, they disassembled it again. Through this process, conformity to the design documentation of the reactor, internal devices, and all other components was ensured. Thus, it was determined that the reactor is ready for the next stage, fuel loading.”

Highlighting that Akkuyu NPP is the largest nuclear construction site globally, Sezemin noted that work on other units is progressing according to the plan.

Meeting 10% of Turkey’s electricity demand Under the intergovernmental agreement signed between Turkey and Russia on May 12, 2010, Akkuyu NPP, located in Büyükeceli, Gülnar district, Mersin, will consist of four units, each with a 1200-megawatt VVER-1200 type “III+” generation reactor, totaling 4,800 megawatts of installed capacity.

Ranked among Turkey’s largest investments, when operating at full capacity, the plant is expected to cover 10% of Turkey’s electricity demand alone.

The planned operational lifespan of Akkuyu NPP, initially set at 60 years, holds the potential for a 20-year extension.

The plant, capable of producing uninterrupted electricity with zero emissions and without harmful greenhouse gas emissions to the environment, will contribute to Turkey’s “2053 net zero emissions” goal.

Over its 60-year operational period, Akkuyu NPP is estimated to prevent a total of 2.1 billion tons of carbon emissions.

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