AlfaSolar Technology increases its founding capital

Alfa Solar

AlfaSolar Technology , the sole controlling shareholder of Alfa Solar Energy, increased its foundation capital.

AlfaSolar Technology increased its founding capital of 19.800.000 TL by 100.000 TL to 19.900.000 TL.

The following information was given in the information note shared by Alfa Solar Energy on KAP.

“AlfaSolar Teknoloji Yatırımları A.Ş. (“AlfaSolar Technology “), a 100% subsidiary of our company Alfa Solar Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“Company”), increased its founding capital of TL 19,800,000 by TL 100,000 to TL 19,900,000 based on the general assembly decision dated 25.12.2023. The issued capital of AlfaSolar Teknoloji is TL 19.900.000 in total, divided into 19.900.000 registered shares with a value of TL 1,00 each.

In return for 100,000 shares with a value of TL 100,000, a total of TL 330,000,000 together with the emission premium of TL 329,900,000 in addition to the nominal value of the shares, has been subscribed in cash by Alfa Kazan Enerji ve Çevre Yatırımları A.Ş. (“Alfa Kazan”) by waiving the pre-emptive right of our Company.

Alfa Solar Energy’s sole dominance ended

With this capital increase, our Company’s sole ownership in the capital of AlfaSolar Teknoloji has ended. Our Company holds 19,800,000 shares worth TL 19,800,000 and Alfa Kazan holds 100,000 shares worth TL 100,000 in the capital of AlfaSolar Teknoloji. Our Company’s shareholding rate in AlfaSolar Teknoloji became 99.48% and Alfa Kazan Enerji ve Çevre Yatırımları’s shareholding rate became 0.52%. This was registered at the Ankara Trade Registry Office on 27.12.2023 and announced in the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette dated 27.12.2023 and numbered 10988. Within the scope of this capital increase, the cash portion was paid in cash before the trade registry registration. In addition, approximately 33% of the net sales proceeds from the sale of the shares owned by Alfa Kazan in the capital of our Company and representing approximately 3.00% of the issued capital of our Company, as previously stated in the material event disclosures on the subject, was given to the subsidiary of our Company in this way. When new investments are finalized in the following days, it is aimed that the entire net amount obtained will enter our Company through capital increase.”

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