ANEL Electricity wins tender in the UK

ANEL Electricity

ANEL Electricity, through its UK subsidiary Anel Engineering & Contracting Ltd. has been awarded the Mechanical and Electrical works for the Shotton Paper Processing Mill Project by Shotton Mill Ltd. (the main employer of the project).

Anel disclosed the following information in its statement to KAP.

“The unit price offer of Anel Engineering & Contracting Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of our Company, for the Mechanical and Electrical Works (MEP) of the Shotton Paper Processing Mill Project, which was tendered by Shotton Mill Ltd. (the main employer of the project) in the UK, was approved by the employer and the Letter of Intent (LOI) regarding the project was signed and submitted to us. The LOI was also signed and accepted by us.

It has been decided to carry out the project in two phases.

With the signing of the LOI, contract negotiations are planned to start and these negotiations are planned to be completed within 2 months. This period can be extended by a maximum of 1 month at the option of the employer. Within the scope of the first phase LOI, mobilization and project works will start.
The foreseen construction period for the second phase, which will commence upon signing of the contract between the parties, will be 18 months in total from the date of LOI. The project cost agreed between the parties is GBP 154,000,000 (GBP 154 million). Following the completion of the contract negotiations, the necessary explanations will be shared with our investors and the public.”

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