ANKA III, an unmanned fighter jet, successfully completed its first flight today


ANKA III, an unmanned fighter jet developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries Corporation, successfully made its first flight today.

According to a statement made by TUSAS, another important milestone in the ANKA III project, which was originally developed with domestic facilities, was left behind. ANKA III, Turkey’s first vertical tailless turbofan-engined unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), successfully performed its first flight.

The first flight of ANKA III lasted 1 hour and 10 minutes. Reaching an altitude of 8 thousand feet, ANKA III reached a speed of 150 knots. At 08:38, ANKA III wheeled off the runway and performed a runway pass test. The flight of ANKA III was accompanied by the HÜRKUŞ basic training aircraft and ANKA unmanned aerial vehicle, which were developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries with domestic facilities.

ANKA III, a new generation UAV system, will be able to perform many missions such as reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence, attack with different air-ground munitions, hunting scanning by engaging enemy helicopters, propeller aircraft and UAVs with air-air munitions, neutralizing enemy RF emitting radar and air defence systems, protection of friendly forces in the air and on the ground, signal and communication intelligence, electronic warfare, operation with other friendly elements and communication relay.

The ANKA III system will be able to carry 650 kilograms of ammunition in each of the two stations in the fuselage, 650 kilograms in each of the inner wing stations and 100 kg in each of the outer stations. In this way, it will be possible to integrate a wide range of options, from the most commonly used ammunition in today’s unmanned aerial vehicles to large ammunition such as SOM-J, MK-82 and bunker-busting bombs.

With a maximum cruising speed of 0.7 mach and an altitude base of 40 thousand feet, the ANKA III has a payload capacity of 1200 kilograms and a 10-hour endurance.

Temel Kotil, General Manager of Turkish Aerospace Industries, said of the flight, “Good luck. God bless our country, we now have a UAV in the sky that the enemy cannot see, but can see its enemy. May Allah bless you with good luck.”

In a post on his social media account, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “ANKA III, our unmanned combat aircraft developed by TUSAŞ, successfully made its first flight today. I hope that our aircraft will make a very strong contribution to the defense of our country with its advanced technologies, design and features.”

Cover Photo: AA

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