Avrupakent GYO declined sharply on the first trading day

Avrupakent GYO

Avrupakent GYO shares fell sharply on the first trading day, falling 8.35 percent at the opening. Although the company’s shares are trying to recover, they are moving with a loss of more than 4 percent in these minutes. Thus, among the companies offered to the public this year, it became the first company share to lose value at the opening.

The shares of Avrupakent Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı AŞ, which were offered to the public on December 13-15, 2023, opened with a decline on the first trading day. The company’s shares, offered to the public at 55.10 TL, fell 8.35 percent to 50.50 TL at the opening. Avrupakent GYO shares were traded at 52.45 TL, down 4.81 percent as of 10:55 am.

Company shares started to be traded on the Stars Market with the code “AVPGY”.

While 78.63 percent of the shares offered to the public were distributed to domestic individual, 20 percent to domestic corporate and 1.37 percent to group employees; the size of the public offering reached approximately 5.51 billion TL.

Source: Ekonomim

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