Avrupakent GYO will go public

Avrupakent GYO will go public

Avrupakent Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) applied to the Capital Markets Board (CMB) for a public offering.

According to the prospectus published by the company, it is planned to distribute 100,000,000 TL nominal value shares through the ‘equal distribution to the public’ method. Info Ak Investment Securities Inc. will lead the consortium for the public offering.

Avrupakent Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) was established by Mr. Süleyman Çetinsaya in 2010. As of today, Avrupakent GYO holds 3 shopping malls, 2 residences, and various other real estate properties.

Operating with close to 100% occupancy in its owned properties, Avrupakent GYO commits, in its articles of association, to distribute 50% of its distributable profit from financial statements prepared in compliance with the current relevant legislation as dividends. Moreover, the primary objective of Avrupakent GYO is to continually expand its portfolio, currently consisting of over 1200 Independent Sections, in order to enhance the dividend amount paid to its investors.

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