Aytaç Gıda has reached an agreement for the Solar Energy Power Plant (SEP) project

Aytaç Gıda

An agreement has been signed for the 6 MWp ground-mounted Solar Energy System (SES) project in Çankırı, to be implemented through the Build-Operate model by Aytaç Gıda, a company under Yıldız Holding, and the Chint Group subsidiary Astronergy.

Yıldız Holding’s companies, Aytaç Gıda and Chint Group’s subsidiary Astronergy, have signed an agreement to implement a 6 MWp ground-mounted Solar Energy System (SES) project in Çerkeş, Çankırı. This initiative falls under Yıldız Holding’s sustainability efforts driven by their approach of ‘This World is Ours,’ focusing on efficient utilization of energy resources.

During the signing ceremony held at Yıldız Holding’s campus in Çamlıca, Yıldız Holding Vice Chairman and CEO Mehmet Tütüncü, Aytaç Gıda Executive Board Member and General Manager Erhan Çetin, Chint Group Chairman Cunhui Nan, International Investment Director Sean Xu, and Chint-Astronergy Turkey Board Member Ercüment Kaya were present.

The project aims to be completed in approximately 9 months, utilizing the Build-Operate model. Mehmet Tütüncü mentioned that this Solar Energy System project aligns with their goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions across their value chain by 2050. He emphasized the acceleration of their green transformation journey through energy efficiency practices established under the ‘This World is Ours’ approach. He highlighted Yıldız Holding’s commitment to tangible actions supporting their pledges for transformation across the entire ecosystem.

Erhan Çetin, from Aytaç Gıda, stressed the company’s dedication to responsible production while aiming to cover all electricity needs through renewable sources. The installation of a 6 MWp Solar Energy System on the factory premises in Çankırı will enable the fulfillment of the entire electricity demand of the factory from renewable sources. He expressed the company’s aspiration to produce more electricity than it consumes, contributing to Yıldız Holding’s ongoing investments in renewable energy across all its entities.

Ercüment Kaya, a board member at Astronergy Turkey, emphasized their commitment to providing innovative solutions to customers seeking renewable energy. Under the agreement, Astronergy will install a 6 MWp ground-mounted Solar Energy System at Aytaç Gıda’s facility in Çankırı. Kaya highlighted that Aytaç Gıda, as a pioneer in the food sector, will soon fulfill its energy needs through renewable sources under Astronergy’s assurance, reducing both carbon emissions and energy costs.

The project signifies a step towards effective and efficient utilization of energy resources, aligning with the shared goal of leaving a better world for future generations.

Cover Photo: ANKA

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