Aytemiz targets 60 electric charging stations in 2024

Aytemiz targets 60 electric charging stations in 2024

Aytemiz is accelerating the installation of vehicle charging stations, taking into account the rapidly rising electric vehicle market in Turkey.

The increase in TOGG sales keeps the electric vehicle market more alive.

Aytemiz and Eşarj have accelerated the installation of charging stations thanks to their business partnership since 2017.

Aytemiz tripled the number of Eşarj stations across Turkey to 25 in order to respond to the rising trend of the market and the more than 70 thousand electric vehicles in Turkey by the end of 2023, especially in cities where the density of electric vehicles is increasing, and aims to provide fast, high quality and uninterrupted service to electric vehicle owners together with Eşarj.

Aytemiz General Manager Ahmet Eke stated that they aim to further increase the number of electric charging points and said:

“The number of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly along with consumers’ expectations at the same rate. As a fuel brand that focuses on customer satisfaction, we were the first to respond to this expectation and became a pioneering brand in this field, and we installed our first electric vehicle charging station at our stations in 2017 in partnership with Eşarj brand. As Aytemiz, we are happy to be the pioneer of steps that will ensure a better future for everyone. Now, we are expanding this fruitful collaboration even further.

Together with Eşarj, we will increase our electric vehicle charging station investments to 60 stations in 40 cities in 2024. We currently have a total of 25 electric charging stations across Turkey, 24 of which are high-speed, and we serve with 59 sockets at these points. We offer quality and uninterrupted service to our guests who charge their electric vehicles at our stations with an additional price advantage of up to 10 percent compared to the sector average. In this way, we are asserting our claim in the electric vehicle ecosystem with both our investments and our price advantage. In the coming period, we aim to further increase the number of electric charging points we offer to our customers.”

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