BİZİM TOPTAN has downwardly revised its future growth target


The prominent brand in Turkey’s retail chain sector, BİZİM TOPTAN, has downwardly revised its future growth target.

The following statement was made by BİZİM Toptan Satış Mağazaları A.Ş. on the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP).

“Our Board of Directors has decided to downwardly revise the previously disclosed sales growth expectation (excluding tobacco and sugar) from the previously announced ±65 percent (+/-5 percentage points) to ±55 percent (+/-5 percentage points) within future expectations. Simultaneously, the EBITDA margin, previously stated in the range of 4%-5%, is updated to the range of 4.5%-5.5%. These revisions are disclosed to the public as part of the update in future expectations.”

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