ConsenSys Brings Layer-2 Network “Linea” to Ethereum Mainnet

ConsenSys Brings Layer-2 Network Linea to Ethereum Mainnet

ConsenSys, owner of cryptocurrency wallet “MetaMask”, has announced plans to bring “Linea” to the Ethereum mainnet.

One of the most popular trends in the cryptocurrency space this year, zero-knowledge (ZK) cryptography and Ethereum Virtual machine (EVM) rollup chain offers users cheaper and faster transactions during periods of mainnet congestion.

This makes an important contribution to the scalability of the Ethereum network.

ConsenSys will now deploy the Linea layer-2 solution with an alpha launch, making it publicly available.

Thus, Linea will enter the race as one of the competing zkEVM projects in their efforts to expand the use of Ethereum, the second largest Blockchain network.

Rollup networks such as Linea are expected to be one of the most preferred methods for the Ethereum network, which has not been practical for many users in the near future due to high transaction fees.

Speaking to Coindesk, Linea global product leader Nicolas Liochon emphasized this issue and stated that the use of the network will increase as the layer-2 fees are 15 times cheaper than the Ethereum mainnet.

On the other hand, the long transaction times of Optimism and Arbitrum, the first and most well-known Ethereum rollups in the crypto market, are seen as the biggest disadvantage of these networks.

The newer ZK rollups, such as Linea, work with a similar logic, basically putting groups of transactions together and writing them collectively to the Ethereum ledger. Ambitious in this regard, Linea developers believe that ZK cryptography will make them faster, cheaper and more secure than alternatives.

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