Eminiş Ambalaj continues its payments in the concordat process

Eminiş Ambalaj

Eminiş Ambalaj paid the 25th installment of its payments in the concordat process today.

The statement made by the company regarding the payment is as follows;

“Our concordat project was approved by the Gebze Commercial Court of First Instance on June 22, 2020. Within the scope of the concordat project, our concordat debts were restructured by paying our debts in equal installments of 72 months with a grace period of 1.5 years and this restructuring was approved by the court. The concordat process will be completed after all our debts from before the concordat are paid. The information was shared with the public.

Within the scope of the concordat project, the first installment will be paid on 22.12.2021, the second installment on 21.01.2022, the third installment on 22.02.2022, the fourth installment on 22.03.2022, the fifth installment on 22.04.2022, the sixth installment on 18.05.2022, the seventh installment on 22.06. 2022, the seventh installment on 22.06.2022, the eighth installment on 22.07.2022, the ninth installment on 22.08.2022, the tenth installment on 22.09.2022, the eleventh installment on 21.10.2022, the twelfth installment on 22.11.2022, the thirteenth installment on 21.12.2022,

20.01.2023 for the fourteenth installment, 22.02.2023 for the fifteenth installment, 22.03.2023 for the sixteenth installment, 19.04.2023 for the seventeenth installment, 22.05.2023 for the eighteenth installment, 22.06.2023 for the nineteenth installment, 21.07. 2023, twenty-first installment on 22.08.2023, twenty-first installment on 22.08.2023, twenty-second installment on 20.09.2023, twenty-third installment on 20.10.2023 and twenty-fourth installment on 22.11.2023.

The twenty-fifth installment payment of 884,997.86TL was made today (on 22.12.2023) in accordance with the project.

It is respectfully announced to the public and our investors.”

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