Enerjisa Energy invested 9 billion TL in the first 9 months

Enerjisa Energy

Enerjisa Energy, an electricity distribution, retail sales, customer solutions, and e-mobility company, sustained its robust financial and operational performance in the first 9 months of 2023, following a strategy of profitable growth.

Despite challenging financial conditions, the company’s investments in electricity distribution networks and customer solutions surpassed double the investments made in the same period last year, reaching 9 billion TL in the first nine months of 2023. Enerjisa Energy disclosed its financial statements dated September 30, 2023, confirming its strong performance in the first 9 months to the public. The company increased its consolidated Operating Revenues by 53% to 15.949 billion TL compared to the same period last year and raised its Adjusted Net Profit by 69% to 4.3 billion TL.

Commenting on the results for the first 9 months, Enerjisa Energy CEO Murat Pınar stated, “We continue to progress with our profitable investments in line with our vision to lead the new energy world for a better future. Our total investment in the distribution network, customer solutions, and E-mobility reached 9 billion TL in the first nine months. We will continue to generate projects that benefit society, develop partnerships, and create value for all our stakeholders and our country.”

Enerjisa Energy CFO Dr. Philipp Ulbrich added, “We continued to maintain our strong operational and financial performance, achieving our targets. We are continuing our investments at an unrelenting pace in line with our investment plans for 2023, including customer solutions. I am proud of our distribution team, which undertook many significant projects to restore electricity supply security following the earthquake disaster at the beginning of 2023. With our sustainable strategy, we achieved a 69% increase in Adjusted Net Profit to 4.3 billion TL in the first nine months on an annual basis, while staying committed to our long-term Operating Revenue and Adjusted Net Profit expectations.”

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