Enerya,”the news about our company is unreal.”


Enerya reminded that there have been rumors about the unusual movement in the company’s share prices on some websites and social media recently, and stated that such news about Enerya are just rumors.

The statement made on the Public Disclosure Platform is as follows;

“Upon the emergence of some news about our company Enerya Enerji Anonim Şirketi on some websites, social media, communication applications, digital media, etc. platforms, it has become necessary to make the following statement in accordance with Article 9 of the Communiqué on Material Events numbered II-15.1, based on the information requests received from our investors by phone and e-mail:
“Within the scope of the purchase and sale decisions of real and/or legal persons investing in our Company’s shares, the price of the shares may decrease or increase depending on the supply and demand balance.

It should be noted that our Company has nothing to do with the news content that has recently appeared on social media and some websites, which are not related to our Company’s activities and/or financial performance. On the other hand, regarding the unusual price and quantity movements on our Company’s shares, our Company does not have any special circumstances that have not been disclosed to the public.”

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