Erdoğan: We are aware that the high cost of living is burdening our nation


In his video message shared on the occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of the AK Party’s Establishment, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,

  • “We have come to this day by winning the first place in every election we entered. I extend my gratitude to every brother and sister who contributed to this noble cause, regardless of their position within our party. I express my gratitude to every member of my dear nation who has stood by the AK Party from the very beginning with their support at the ballot box.
  • I thank each and every one of you separately for your efforts in the parliamentary and presidential elections on May 14th. I believe that the election process will hold a special place in our political history.
  • We don’t have time to lose with these greedy ones. Our duty is to fulfill the tasks we have given to our nation while preparing day and night for the 2024 local elections.
  • This is the truth behind the successes we have achieved in the elections. We are aware that the recent rise in the cost of living has burdened our nation. Again, we will solve this.
  • We provided 104 billion Turkish liras in the aftermath of the earthquake. We did not leave the expectations of the people unanswered. While struggling against tutelage, we knew the limitless tyranny of the power confronting us.
  • We know the games played through the economy. We will take the trust in municipalities and give it to the qualified. Start working for the local elections from now on.”

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