EUROPEN denied the incentive news


The claim that İdris Nebi Hatipoğlu, who resigned from the İYİ Party to join the AK Party, received 1 billion lira in incentives for EUROPEN, where he served as the chairman of the board before becoming a member of parliament, has been denied.

EUROPEN has released a written statement regarding the issue. The statement includes the following information:

“Some inaccurate and slanderous news related to our company’s investment in solar energy glass has been published in certain media outlets and social media. It has become necessary to make a statement regarding this matter.

In our disclosure to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) dated 24.03.2023, it was announced that the regional investment incentive certificate related to our investment had been approved. It was explicitly stated in our relevant KAP announcement that the investment amount was 1,035,000,000 TL and there was no incentive amount. It is important to emphasize that investment incentives consist of tax reductions and Social Security Institution employer incentives. To be eligible for these incentives, investment expenditures must be made, and furthermore, no cash payment is involved in any investment incentive.

The issuance date of our investment incentive certificate numbered 550789 is 24.03.2023. This information is also publicly available on the ministry’s website. Our Chairman of the Board, Mr. İdris Nebi Hatipoğlu, was not a Member of Parliament at that date. Before the election, the application for the conversion of our regional incentive certificate, which was approved before the election, into a strategic investment incentive certificate, was made on the relevant date of 24.03.2023, as evaluated based on meeting the criteria of the strategic investment incentive certificate, as specified in our KAP disclosure on the same date.

As stated in the press release by our Ministry of Industry and Technology on 08.11.2023, our investment meets the criteria due to being an investment that prevents imports, the imported value of the product to be produced being more than 50 million USD in the last year, and the investment being over 50 million TL. As a result, our pre-election application was positively evaluated, and our received regional investment incentive certificate was revised by the ministry on 24.10.2023 as a strategic investment incentive certificate.

Our company, with a 60-year history, contributing value to our country with investments in every period, providing employment for 1,700 people, and leading in the export category of the products it exports, will continue to contribute value to our country in the future, as it has done in the past.

Legal processes will be pursued against the institutions and individuals who have made baseless news and slanders.”

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