Foreign investors’ interest in Borsa Istanbul increases

Foreign investors’ interest in the banking sector, which they showed last year, is spreading to a wider area this year.

The intense interest of foreign investors in company shares in different fields traded on Borsa Istanbul draws attention.

Investors increased their positions in 313 out of 514 shares in the BIST ALL index.

According to the report by Şebnem Turhan from Ekonomim; Foreign interest in TL assets accelerated after the May 2023 elections with the changing economic administration and the Central Bank. In the second half of last year, foreign investors were net buyers of stocks and bonds for the first time in many years. With the successive reports of international banks, we witnessed foreign investors buying in the stock market, especially in banking stocks. However, this picture seems to have changed with the new year. Foreign investors started to focus on holding, industrial and storied stocks in 2024.

Positions in 313 stocks increased

Last year, we examined the changes in foreign shares in company shares traded in Borsa Istanbul from the end of the day on December 29, 2023 to the close of February 8, 2024. As a result of the analysis we carried out with the calculations made by IS Investment, it was revealed that foreign investors somehow increased their shares in 313 of the 514 shares in the BIST ALL index. The BIST ALL index returned over 28 percent in TL terms during this period.

Among the shares of the BIST ALL index, Altınyunus Çeşme was the company where foreign investors increased their share the most. On December 29, the foreign position among its publicly traded shares increased from 6.73 percent to 19.38 percent as of February 8. Türk Telekom ranked second. The ratio of foreigners among Türk Telekom’s publicly traded shares, which was 16.46 percent on December 29, increased to 26.22 percent on February 8. The foreign share in Dofer Building Materials, which was 1.43 percent, reached 10.9 percent, while the rate of 20.69 percent in Akfen Renewable Energy rose to 28.99 percent.

Among the BIST ALL index companies, VBT Yazılım was the stock where foreign investors reduced their position the most. On December 29, the ratio of foreign investors among publicly traded shares, which was 21.01 percent, decreased to 1.51 percent as of February 8. Alfa Solar Energy shares also decreased from 16.85 percent to 8.52 percent on February 8. In DOCO shares, the foreign rate decreased from 43.38 percent to 36.34 percent, while the foreign rate of 14.47 percent in Investco Holding decreased to 7.76 percent.

43 net buyers of company shares

As for the BIST 100 index, foreign investors increased their shares in 43 companies and decreased their shares in 57 companies. Among the BIST100 companies, the share of foreign investors increased the most in Türk Telekom, which ranked second among the BIST ALL index companies. It was followed by Akfen Renewable Energy, while Mia Technology was the third company whose share increased the most in the BIST100. The foreign share increased from 7.3 percent to 10.47 percent. The share of Mavi Giyim increased from 42.24 percent to 45.35 percent, while the share of foreigners in Koç Holding increased from 62.54 percent to 65.26 percent. The share of Albaraka Türk rose from 17.52 percent to 10.91 percent and Yapı Kredi from 37.76 percent to 39.99 percent.

Among the BIST100 stocks, Alfa Solar was the stock where foreigners reduced their shares the most, followed by Borusan. The foreign share in Borusan, which was 13.33 percent on December 29, decreased to 9.06 percent. In Penta Technology shares, it decreased from 19.24 percent to 15.3 percent, and in Akçansa from 19.23 percent to 15.81 percent.

More in non-bank stocks

Between December 29, 2023 and February 8, foreign investors increased their positions in 17 BIST50 companies and decreased their positions in 33 companies. Only 2 of the companies whose positions increased were bank stocks. Turk Telekom and Koç Holding are again in the lead among the BIST50. It is followed by Yapı Kredi. Pegasus, on the other hand, ranked fourth among the BIST50 companies with the highest increase in foreign share in the same period. The foreign share increased from 24.01 percent to 25.61 percent. While the share of Enerjisa increased from 26.48 percent to 27.77 percent, Doğuş Otomotiv increased from 26.55 percent to 27.49 percent. Among the BIST50, unlike the BIST100, the shares in which foreigners reduced their shares the most were Vestel, which was reduced from 8.52 percent to 5.81 percent, Türk Traktör, which decreased from 33.54 percent to 31.01 percent, and Gübre Fabrikaları, which decreased from 8.67 percent to 6.62 percent.

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