Forte signs USD 1 million labor contract

Forte bilgi

Forte signed a business contract with Havelsan for 1 Million USD.

Forte released the following statement regarding the contract.

“A framework contract was signed between our company and Havelsan A.Ş. for Software Development and Consultancy Services for the Ministry of National Defense Information System Modernization Project. The contract in question is for 1 year with a price of 1.054.020,00 USD (One million fifty four thousand twenty US dollars) and has two (2) extension options of 1 year each upon the request of Havelsan A.Ş. Due to the scope of work, the contract price may decrease or increase upon the order to be placed by Havelsan A.Ş. According to the order to be placed by Havelsan A.Ş., updates will be made in 4-month periods and developments will be shared with the public.”

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