German Die Welt: Embargo against Turkey backfired, they are building their own fighter jets


Gerhard Hegmann, an economics writer for Germany-based Die Welt, wrote that the covert defense embargo against Turkey has backfired and Turkey has built its own fighter jet.

Hegmann stated that he thinks KAAN will fly soon and found the project successful.

Gerhard Hegmann, an economics columnist for the German Die Welt newspaper, wrote an analysis of the first flight of the ANKA-3 unmanned fighter jet in which he emphasized that Turkey is rapidly moving towards reducing its dependence on the West for its defense industry, and that attempts by the West, especially the US and Germany, to slow down Turkey’s defense industry development project have failed and, on the contrary, backfired.

Hegmann stated the following in his article:

“A few years ago, President Erdoğan ordered Turkey to arm itself. The program is technologically successful, as evidenced by the current fighter jet demonstration. There is much to show that the West’s calculations are not working.

The most important issue the Turks have left to tackle is the development of jet engines, but they are making rapid progress there too

KAAN may not have been able to make a double show with ANKA-3 these days. But it is almost certain that KAAN, the prestige project of the country, will participate in the Paris Aviation Fair to be held in the coming days.”

Source: Ekonomim

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