Google Testing New Medical AI Chatbot

Google Testing New Medical AI Chatbot

Google, developing new medical AI assistant chatbot. Google trying to use AI for ultrason diagnosis and cancer treatment.

Google testing “Med-PaLM 2” AI technology in Mayo Clinic and other hospitals. Google training the “Med-PaLM 2” with questions and answers of medical licensing exams.

Med-PaLM 2 Answering Questions Related with Healthcare

This technology completing some missions such as summarizing documents, answering questions, and organizing research documents.

Google believing this AI will be more important in countries that don’t access doctors easily. In probably this technology will increase productivity of doctors.

Google making a partnership with medical software company Epic to develop this medical AI technology.

It is stated that this technology is not trained with patient data and patient data is kept confidential. However, it is indicate this technology still in early access and development process is still continue.

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