Halkbank opened a new branch in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade

Halkbank has opened a new branch in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade

Halkbank has opened another branch in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, where it has been operating since 2015.

With the new branch located on Vojvoda Stepe Street, Halkbank has increased its representation in the country to 41 branches, expanding its service network.

Speaking at the opening of the new branch, Hasan Tuncay, Deputy General Manager of Halkbank Turkey, emphasized the presence of a trust-based relationship between Serbia and Turkey, stating, “It is our responsibility to sustain this network, which is nourished by a shared culture and political and economic relations.”

Tuncay explained that Halkbank has opened 41 branches across Serbia, and currently serves with a staff of 693 employees in the country, where they have launched 5 branches in the past year.

Aziz Arslan, the Director of Halkbank Serbia, highlighted their customer-centric approach, stating that they provide individualized services and solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.

Arslan stated, “We continue our work in line with our motto ‘people first,’ focusing on services and fast solutions that meet the needs of our customers.”

The Serbia-Turkey relations are at their best level in history

Turkey’s Ambassador to Belgrade, Hami Aksoy, stated that the Serbia-Turkey relations are at their highest level in history, saying, “We set new records every year. Last year, the trade volume reached the level of 2.35 billion dollars.”

Aksoy emphasized the increase in Turkish investments in Serbia and mentioned that Halkbank has made a difference in the country with its longstanding history.

Representatives from the Serbian-Turkish Business Association and former Galatasaray football player Cevad Prekazi also attended the branch opening.

Halkbank entered the Serbian market by acquiring 76.76% of Cacanska Bank shares and opened its first branch in the country in 2015.

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