Having met with Turkish Foreign Minister Fidan, Lavrov presented conditions to return to the grain agreement

Hakan Fidan_Sergey Lavrov

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, who came together in Moscow, the capital of Russia, spoke during a joint press conference they held. Lavrov, noting that the West did not keep its promise regarding the export of Russian grain, stated, “When the conditions of our package deal with the UN are met, we will return to the grain agreement.”

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, on an official visit to Moscow, started his diplomatic engagements. Fidan met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building.

Minister Fidan emphasized that Turkey and Russia have a deep-rooted history in their bilateral relations and that they are countries that know each other well and maintain contact in the region. Minister Fidan stated, “We have strong communication channels based on sincerity. We have consulted on both bilateral and regional issues. The Black Sea Initiative (Grain Agreement) was among the top items on our agenda.”

Lavrov’s statements are as follows:

“We examined strategic projects in the energy sector. The Akkuyu project is progressing according to plan. The construction of the nuclear power plant is proceeding in line with the program. The establishment of a gas hub in Turkey and agreements for the export of Russian gas have been confirmed. We prioritize the safety of Russian citizens vacationing in Turkey.

Following the earthquake in February, we swiftly dispatched our amphibious aircraft to extinguish forest fires. We conducted a detailed assessment of issues related to the Middle East, North Africa, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Black Sea region.

Additional steps to assist diplomatic relations between Ankara and Damascus were discussed. We evaluated the normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey. According to the agreements reached in Armenia-Azerbaijan-Russia, matters regarding transportation links, communication, and post-conflict reconstruction were on the table. Turkey is playing a positive role in this regard.

As you know, we halted work under the Black Sea Initiative on July 18th. In this regard, our understanding is that steps are being taken primarily within the corridor of the agreement to revive it in the West. Putin made it clear that we will take measures. He said we want the unfulfilled provisions to be fulfilled. If the discussions turn into concrete decisions, we will be ready to address the Black Sea Initiative.

Our Qatari colleagues want to financially participate in this initiative. We appreciate Turkey’s foreign policy approach. Western countries are trying to cast doubt on this direction in every way. In this context, we believe that constructive work as equal partners is mutually beneficial. We know it’s beneficial for Turkey as well. We appreciate the Republic of Turkey’s foreign policy based on sovereignty.”

Similarly, we are targeting the purchase of fruits and vegetables from Turkey. Our presidents will respond in kind to the steps we take reciprocally. Despite the efforts of Western allies to obstruct, these will happen. Negative endeavors will not yield results.

We will provide support to each other on the international stage. Alongside our political and economic cooperation, we will continue to understand each other’s concerns in the upcoming period. Based on mutual respect and a balance of interests, we will continue with these efforts. We had a very productive meeting, and I thank my colleague very much for it. He is very kind.”

Fidan emphasized that the Grain Agreement held a significant place on the agenda of the talks, stating, “Turkey is making intense efforts to revive the Grain Agreement.”

Fidan’s statements are as follows:

“I express my gratitude for the solidarity shown by our Russian friends following the earthquake. We have a deep-rooted history of relations with Russia. We are always in contact on bilateral and regional issues. Our dialogue holds critical importance for our region.

The friendly relations between our President and Putin play a crucial role. Reviving the Black Sea Initiative was our most important agenda item today. Russia has its own demands regarding the export of grain and fertilizers, and we reiterated the importance of this.

We want to ensure lasting peace in our region and I confirmed that we will provide all the support we can. I mentioned that our facilitating and mediating role continues. Our Presidents will meet in Sochi soon. This meeting served as a preparation for our leaders’ discussion. We conducted a general assessment.”

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