İnci Gold to Invest in Artificial Intelligence in 2024

İnci Gold

İnci Gold has pushed the button to add more features to its personalized design application, implemented two years ago, using artificial intelligence. Cüneyt Kurtulmuş, General Manager of İnci Gold, stated, ‘Our efforts for Inci Gold 3.0 continue without slowing down. We send insured products domestically and internationally for damage or loss cases. We also provide support for repair processes in times of need.’

İnci Gold, which offers the opportunity for individuals to create their own designs through its mobile application or the brand’s website, has formed a team for this purpose. In the first half of the year, Inci Gold underwent a renewal in the application to provide user-friendly features. As for 2024, preparations are ongoing to introduce its 3.0 version.

Color, settings, size, and carat options available. Cüneyt Kurtulmuş, General Manager of İnci Gold, stated, ‘In the application that allows users to create their designs, we offer approximately 1500 products with the ability to design and view the stone and gold color, settings, and measurements from various angles, providing the opportunity to make purchases. We have added 1.5 million photos to the application, where each product can be viewed from 972 angles. We continuously develop our application in which we invested approximately 1 million dollars.’

Providing insights into the design process at İnci Gold, Cüneyt Kurtulmuş mentioned, ‘Access to product categories on the İnci Gold website or mobile application is possible. Options such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, are chosen. Then, the gold and stone color, settings, measurements, the inscription inside the product are selected according to the individual’s preference and applied. In diamond products, options such as clarity and carat enrich the design as alternatives. Once the steps of designing and liking the product are completed based on your preferences, you can see the finished jewelry. Upon adding the address details and completing the payment process, the purchase is finalized. Designing a product from scratch can be a complex process for users. Here, our experts meticulously detail the jewelry-making process and then leave the other options to the user’s preference and choice.'”

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