Kerim Ülker wrote: ‘Turkish company Tersan is building Canada’s largest fishing boat


Kerim Ülker, in his article for Dünya newspaper today, stated that the Turks will build Canada’s largest fishing boat.

The information that Kerim Ülker included in his article is as follows.

“Fishery is one of Canada’s most significant export sectors, surpassing $40 billion annually and providing employment to over 300,000 people. Turkey is set to make a significant contribution to the fishing industry.

Turkish builders are constructing Canada’s largest fishing vessel. Tersan, one of Europe’s largest shipyards founded in 1996 by Osman Nurettin Paksu, Mehmet Gazioğlu, Engin Oktay, Osman Çalın, and İbrahim Nuh Paksu, launched the ship with the build number NB1117, an 80-meter vessel for Baffin, one of Canada’s major fishing companies. The factory fishing vessel, named INUKSUK 2, has claimed the title of Canada’s largest ship in its domain.

The colossal ship, with an 18-meter width, has holds that can preserve 1,320 tons of frozen Greenland Halibut or 930 tons of shrimp. Chris Flanagan, CEO of Baffin Fishery, commended the Turkish company, saying, ‘They have done an outstanding job to get this vessel operational. Our fleet will serve for 30 years.’

Costing $72 million

Flanagan stated that the ship built in the Turkish shipyard cost $72 million, approximately 2 billion Turkish Lira at today’s exchange rates. He mentioned, ‘We made our deal before price increases. If we were to build this ship today, the cost would be over $100 million.’

Flanagan describes the ship’s power plant as the ‘world’s most fuel-efficient marine diesel engine,’ emphasizing its significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs. ‘Some parts of the ship are still under construction. The vessel will accommodate 30 crew members,’ Flanagan added. The delivery of the ship is planned for mid-2024.

First cruise ship constructed

Tersan Shipyard operates two facilities in Istanbul-Tuzla and Yalova, conducting production on a 320,000 square meter area. Tersan employs 5,500 individuals.

This is Tersan’s third project in the Canadian market. It’s worth noting that in 2018, the Turkish company built the Oceanic, a 128-meter-long cruise ship for Norway’s renowned company, Havila Kystruten. This project marked Tersan’s first construction of a cruise ship in Turkey. Last year, Tersan became a partner with Noksel, one of Turkey’s largest pipe manufacturers.

Founded by Mehmet Emin Karamehmet, the owner of Çukurova Holding, in 1988, Noksel established its first facility in Iskenderun and later expanded with factories in Sakarya and Spain. The company, established to produce spiral-welded steel pipes for oil, natural gas, water pipelines, and various other industries, had 60% ownership by Çukurova Group and the remaining 40% shared among Nokia Corporation, Finnish Fund For Industrial Co. Ltd., and Başarı Yatırımlar San. Ve Tic. AŞ.”

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