Kimteks’ Eurostars-3 Program project approved


Kimteks announced that its project named “BIODESIGN4INSULATION” with a budget of 2 million 128 thousand Euros within the scope of the Eurostars-3 Program project was approved.

The statement made by the company is as follows;

“We are pleased to announce that our project, named “BIODESIGN4INSULATION,” with a total budget of 2,128,000 Euros, has been approved following our application to the Eurostars-3 Program. The project was initiated in collaboration with our manufacturing client and four partners from universities and industries in Europe. The consortium aims to develop low-emission, sustainable products using polyurethane material within the scope of sustainability and innovation goals.

In line with our objective to take a leading role in carbon-neutral and green transformation projects in Europe and Turkey, the grant support earned from this approved project will be shared among the consortium members.”

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