Kuzey Boru established new business contacts

Kuzey boru

Kuzey Boru announced that it has established new business connections with many companies in Turkey and abroad.

Kuzey Boru shared the following information on the Public Disclosure Platform about the business contracts made with companies located in Senegal, Jordan and Albania and in Turkey.

Our company signed “HDPE100 and Corrugated Pipe” sales contracts on 10.02.2024 (yesterday) for a total amount of 68,376,019.21 TL which has been fully collected. The details of these contracts are as follows:
An amount of 63,907,042.93 TL (VAT Included) with domestic companies for the construction works and pipe purchases of “Kahramanmaraş Organized Industrial Zone Infrastructure, Sakarya-İlyaspaşa Irrigation, Manisa-Alaşehir Drinking Water Facility, Bingöl Genç Vahkin Microcatchment, Kütahya-Gediz Üzümlü Irrigation Pond” projects.

An amount of 146,042.59 USD (4,468,976.28 TL based on CBRT buying rate of Foreign Exchange) within the scope of “Infrastructure Pipe Procurement Work” of abroad companies located in Senegal, Jordan and Albania.

The ratio of signed contracts to 2022 revenue is 8.68%.

Respectfully submitted to the public and to our investors.

Best regards”

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