Luxury holiday homes with hotel comfort from Kızılbük GYO: Marmaris Reserve By Kızılbük

Marmaris Reserve By Kızılbük

Marmaris Reserve by Kızılbük, Sinpaş guarantee and the expertise of Kızılbük GYO, is a project that aims to make a difference in the sector with its unique concept. Located in Marmaris, the project is set to be launched for sale in a private bay right by the sea, offering Full Decorated & Full Services. The project consists of only 82 exclusive homes.

Marmaris Reserve by Kızılbük, realized by Kızılbük GYO, offers a hotel-like living experience with its exclusive 82 boutique residences located right by the sea.

Mahmut Sefa Çelik, the General Manager of Kızılbük GYO, emphasized their commitment to delivering unique and profitable projects in the real estate sector. He provided the following information about the project: “In our Marmaris Reserve by Kızılbük project, located in Marmaris with its unique private bay right by the sea, we offer our customers fully furnished homes with the Full Decorated & Full Services concept. They can simply bring their suitcases and start a new life. Moreover, our investors who become homeowners in our project can enjoy the comfort of both home and vacation by benefiting from our hotel-like services throughout the year.”

The limited number of Marmaris Reserve homes, offered with advantageous payment plans and launch prices, await investors.

Mahmut Sefa Çelik emphasized that the project will also bring significant gains to investors and stated: “According to the data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), tourism revenue in Turkey reached $46.2 billion in 2022, with a 53.4% increase. Looking at the first three months of this year, tourism revenue reached $8.6 billion. The need for people to rest, rejuvenate, travel, and spend time on themselves and their health has increased. Our project precisely meets this demand. Additionally, since the release date (July 2020) of our timeshare project, which is also rising in Marmaris, our average timeshare price has provided a 472% gain, while the well-known investment instruments such as the dollar provided a 179% gain, the euro a 174% gain, and gold a 151% gain. With the strong increase in returns, our project also appeals to savvy investors.”

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