McDonald’s Turkey is Preparing Beverages with Artificial Intelligence Recipes

McDonald's Turkey to Prepare Beverages with Artificial Intelligence Recipes

McDonald’s Turkey makes a breakthrough with artificial intelligence-generated recipes for beverages.

McDonald’s Turkey is making a groundbreaking move by offering specially developed smoothie varieties created by artificial intelligence (AI) to its customers. With recipes brought to life in the McCafé kitchen through the AI application called ChatGPT, the menu offers refreshing flavors that young people dream of for the summer. The “Imaginary Recipes” surprise-filled smoothie menu has found its place in selected McCafé branches in Istanbul.

An Extraordinary First from McDonald’s Turkey

Highlighting that McDonald’s Turkey has implemented such a project for the first time, Özdeş Dönen Artak, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of McDonald’s Turkey, stated: “Artificial intelligence-based image, video, and sound programs are capturing the intense interest of young people nowadays. As a brand committed to making everyone happy, we have prepared an extraordinary project based on the expectations and demands of young people, taking their desires into account. By inviting artificial intelligence to McCafé, we aimed to create a smoothie menu to be served in McCafés for the summer season.

Özdeş Dönen Artak, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of McDonald’s Turkey

We talked to ChatGPT about McDonald’s, our products, and the expectations and dreams of Turkish youth for the summer season, and asked it to prepare beverage recipes that align with them. It created the ‘Imaginary Recipes’ menu for us. We brought this menu to life with our McCafé baristas and presented it to our customers at Istanbul’s most popular McCafé branches. We invite everyone to experience these digital delights, available for a limited time.”

Two Different Flavors in Selected McCafés

The smoothie menu features two distinct recipes created by sharing the most popular flavors and expectations for a refreshing drink during the summer months with ChatGPT, the most popular artificial intelligence application of recent times. These recipes, tailored to different tastes, are named “Unicorn Smoothie” and “Lemon Chiller Smoothie” and can be enjoyed at selected McCafé locations. This special menu will be available for a limited time starting from June 10th, and can be experienced at McCafé branches in Istanbul, including Merter, Levent, Caddebostan, and Acıbadem.

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