Minimum wage became 17 thousand 2 Turkish lira

Minimum wage

The minimum wage was set at 17,2 thousand 2 liras net, including 700 liras of minimum wage support, effective January 1, 2024.

The Türk-İş union annotated the figure.

According to the information given by Işıkhan at the press conference held at the Ministry, the monthly minimum wage became 17 thousand 2 liras net for a worker in 2024. The rate of increase in the minimum wage was 49 percent. Minister Işıkhan said, “Compared to the previous year, a cumulative increase of 100 percent has been made. With the new amount, we gladly fulfilled our promise not to crush our employees against inflation. I believe that the new amount determined will satisfy all our citizens, especially our employees subject to minimum wage and their families.”

Türk-İş President Ergün Atalay said, “For the first time ever, 2 hours ago, we told a figure to our President and our minister. Our demand was 18 thousand liras and a raise twice a year.” Türk-İş announced that it has commented on the new minimum wage.

President Erdoğan shared a post on social media after the announcement of the minimum wage hike and said, “May it be auspicious for our country and nation.”

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