Mistral GYO published an information message about “Çeşme project”

Mistral GYO

Mistral GYO published an information message on the public disclosure platform about the latest status of the project launched in Çeşme.

Mistral, in its information message; “The Building License was obtained on 29/12/2023 regarding our project to be built in İzmir province, Çeşme district, Sakarya Mahallesi, Boyalık locality, 5575 Block 3 parcel numbered 16.376,12 m2 and the explanation on the subject was made by our company on the Public Disclosure Platform on the same date.

During the last period, our excavation works in the construction area are about to be completed and it is aimed to complete the excavation works by the end of January 2024. Following the excavation works, under-foundation leveling concrete pouring and under-foundation waterproofing works have also been started rapidly, and 50% level has been reached in these productions. In addition, the foundation concretes of one block of our project, which will consist of 7 blocks, have been poured and the foundation works of the other blocks are continuing.

Public will continue to be informed about the process.”

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