MSCI adds a new stock to its Turkey standard index


MSCI , one of the global index providers, announced that 1 new stock was added to Turkey’s standard index and 9 new stocks were added to the medium-sized companies index, while making changes in the large and medium-sized companies index worldwide.

MSCI announced the changes in global indices that will be effective as of the close of the session on February 29. Accordingly, Coca Cola İçecek was added to the Turkey standard index, while Hektaş Ticaret and Koza Altın İşletmeleri were removed.

On the other hand, Agrotech Technology, Gübre Fabrikaları, Hektaş Ticaret, Katılımevim Tasarruf Finansman, Kocaer Çelik, Koza Altın İşletmeleri, OYAK Cement, Reeder Teknoloji and TAB Gıda were added to the medium-sized companies index, while Margun Enerji was removed.

Analysts said that some international funds manage their portfolios in parallel with the MSCI index and that these funds adjust their positions in equity markets according to index changes.

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