Nasmed announces approval of investment incentive certificate


Nasmed made a statement on the Public Disclosure Platform and informed that the incentive certificate requested for the modernization of the hospital was approved.

The statement is as follows; “Within the scope of the modernization works of our company’s first hospital established in 2009, the incentive certificate application we made in accordance with the “Decree of the Council of Ministers on State Aids in Investments” numbered 2012/3305 has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The total fixed investment amount of the approved incentive certificate numbered 562729 and dated 26.12.2023 is 99.591.650 TL and the end date of the document is 22.12.2026.

Within the scope of the Incentive Certificate; 50% tax discount (Investment Contribution Rate 15%) and VAT exemption will be utilized. Within the scope of the investment, the outdated medical devices in our hospital will be replaced with new and modern devices and the patient rooms, wards, doctor examination rooms and operating rooms in Block A will be modernized without causing any significant disruption in the activities.

It is submitted for the information of the public and our valuable shareholders.”

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