Naturelgaz (NTGAZ) purchased land for 22.3 million Turkish Lira for GES (Renewable Energy System) investment


Naturelgaz announced the purchase of a 442,018.77 square meter land in Muş Bulanık for the installation of a 18,761.08 KWP (kilowatt peak) GES (Renewable Energy System).

According to the disclosure made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) by our company on 17.10.2023, as part of the planned GES investment in Muş Bulanık district, today (07.11.2023), a total area of 442,018.77 square meters, registered under land parcels numbered 1015 and 1053 located in Esenlik Village, Bulanık District, Muş Province, was purchased for a total of 22,387,187.00 TL. The title deeds have been transferred to the company and registered in our company’s name. This investment benefits from a 50% tax incentive within the scope of the 6th Region Investment Incentives.

We hereby inform our shareholders and the public.”

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