North Korea: US Soldier Flees Racism, Seeks Asylum

American soldier Travis King

American Soldier Takes Refuge in Closed-off North Korea, Citing Experience of Racism as Reason.

In a statement from Pyongyang weeks after his arrival in North Korea, regarding the American soldier Travis King who fled to North Korea, it was noted that King wished to stay in North Korea due to his exhaustion from discrimination in the US military.

A striking statement has emerged from Pyongyang regarding the American soldier Travis King, who reportedly entered one of the world’s most secretive nations, North Korea, “unauthorized yet willingly.”

The escape of the US soldier to North Korea, a country governed by a communist regime and labeled as a “dictatorship” by the West, had a shocking effect in the United States. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had stated, “We believe he is in custody in North Korea. We’re very concerned about his well-being,” as they attempted to shed light on the mysterious incident.

It was revealed that King had recently been released from a prison in South Korea, where he had been held on assault charges, and also faced disciplinary charges in the US. In his twenties, King was accompanied to the airport to return to the Fort Bliss base in Texas. However, instead of boarding the plane, he left the airport and participated in a tour to the Panmunjom village near the Korean border, where he crossed the border without permission.

Weeks after the incident, the North Korean government issued a statement, asserting that King wanted to remain in North Korea due to his exhaustion from discrimination in the US military. Pyongyang claimed that the young soldier sought asylum in their country to escape inhumane treatment and racial discrimination in the US.

King’s uncle, speaking to the US media, also mentioned that his nephew had indicated that he had been subjected to racism in the military for some time.

The US military stated in its announcement that it was working to ensure King’s safe return to the country.

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