OYAK Çimento and OYAK Denizli Çimento merged

Oyak Çimento

In line with the decision taken at the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of OYAK Çimento, OYAK Denizli Çimento, which was taken over with all its assets and liabilities, merged with OYAK Çimento.

According to the OYAK Çimento statement, OYAK Çimento, which merged its publicly traded companies under the roof of OYAK Çimento Fabrikaları. on May 14, 2020, merged with OYAK Beton Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ on December 31, 2020. As of December 28, 2023, it merged with OYAK Denizli Çimento AŞ, bringing all cement and concrete operations under a single roof.

Unlike the merger of publicly traded companies in May 2020, this transaction was realized through the merger of a publicly traded company with a company that does not have publicly traded shares.

Following the merger, the shareholders’ equity of OYAK Çimento Fabrikaları AŞ increased by TL 86 million 784 thousand 965, from TL 1 billion 159 million 793 thousand 441 to TL 1 billion 246 million 578 thousand 406.

With the merger, OYAK Çimento, the capacity and market leader of the Turkish cement industry, which sells in seven geographical regions with seven integrated plants, two grinding plants and 52 concrete batching plants spread across the country, is the first cement company in Turkey to make the “Net-Zero” commitment.

While the company has made significant investments in the last five years to reduce energy costs, to further improve its waste feeding systems, to build waste heat recovery facilities and to establish more environmentally friendly units, it has also increased its alternative fuel utilization rate.

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