Özgür Özel: “I am announcing my candidacy for the CHP Chairmanship”

Özgür Özel: "I am announcing my candidacy for the CHP Chairmanship"

Özgür Özel, the CHP Group Chairman, has announced his candidacy for the CHP Chairmanship. Özel stated, “He did not take responsibility for the election defeat of the administration.”

“CHP Group Chairman Özgür Özel held a press conference at the party headquarters.

Highlights from Özel’s speech include:

This is the story of those who want to change the CHP to change Turkey. With this march, we aim for a significant transformation based on the revolutionary character of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the new century. We will forge ahead with new approaches for a new politics.

Contrary to societal demands and needs, the party leadership did not investigate the reasons for the defeat. They made excuses and did not take political responsibility for the defeat.

The decision to allocate 39 parliamentary seats to other parties from our party has left an unforgettable scar on the party’s conscience and history. This process was carried out without internal oversight, even the elected bodies were not informed.

The change we aim for will be in favor of labor, production, the environment, women, and youth. It will come to life through our new courageous and confident politics. Our goal is not to make our party the best-managed party, but the best-managed institution. The party leader, cadre, and regulations must be changed without a doubt.

“We do not accept our party succumbing to off-the-record politics.”

We will contribute to the proposed changes, and after completing our congress, we will hold a statutory congress immediately after the adequate elections in 2024. The consultancy institution replacing the party’s institutional structure has weakened our party. We do not accept our party succumbing to off-the-record politics.

This call is an invitation to walk a new path together. If we do not accurately identify the problem and engage in solid self-criticism, all political opposition, especially the CHP, will become inconsequential in the eyes of the voters. The excitement generated by the new cadres of the party should become the driving force behind local elections.

Now we are on the threshold of a historical decision. Will we become a part of politics that do not admit defeat in elections, or will we become a beacon of hope for Turkey? Will we ignore the emotional disconnect among voters? Or will we lead the change?”

“I am announcing my candidacy” “For the future that our country and children deserve, to center young people in our party, to ensure a political style where women will be active, to guarantee equal access to healthcare for everyone, and not to win internal power but to declare my candidacy for the CHP Chairmanship.”

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