Pegasus in 2022 they became the airline with the highest operational profitability

Pegasus in 2022 they became the airline with the highest operational profitability

Pegasus Airlines CEO Güliz Öztürk, during a press conference held at the 79th IATA Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit, which Pegasus Airlines hosted, shared the latest developments, plans for 2023, and future goals of the company. Öztürk stated, “We started 2022 well-prepared both operationally and financially, and with our performance in 2022, we became the airline with the highest operational profitability in the world. Despite the challenges we faced in the first quarter of 2023 as Turkey, we maintained our strong performance. This successful performance also resulted in an increase in our credit rating.”

During the press conference, Pegasus Airlines CEO Güliz Öztürk evaluated the year 2022 and stated, “2022 was a year in which we achieved significant successes, especially due to the rapid increase in travel demand during the summer season. In line with our expectations that travel demand could pick up strongly when restrictions were eased, we kept our operational structure and all our colleagues in our business units ready to meet the potential demand. We increased our capacity to accommodate the increase in demand.”

Pegasus Airlines CEO Güliz Öztürk

Öztürk stated, “In 2022, we increased our total number of passengers by 34% to reach 26.9 million. Our passenger count on international routes grew by 96% compared to the previous year, demonstrating a much better performance relative to the overall market. We raised our sales revenue by 139% to 2.45 billion euros. Our revenues increased by 41% compared to 2019, which was the last normal year. In terms of Available Seat Kilometers (ASK), our total capacity increased by 8% and our international capacity increased by 23% compared to 2019. We achieved the highest performance in terms of EBITDA margin, reaching 34.1% by the end of the year, which is the highest in the world. Our net profit for the year 2022 amounted to 431 million euros.”

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