Pending IPO approval, Artemis Halı will invest to increase its capacity

Artemis Halı

Artemis Halı, which is waiting for approval from the Capital Markets Board to be listed on the stock exchange, will invest between 7 and 8 million euros to increase its capacity. The brand, which exports 60 percent of its production, will thus increase its annual capacity of 2 million square meters by 35 percent. Acme Group’s 2024 investment plan is 30 million euros.

According to the news of Nurdoğan Arslan Ergün; Artemis Halı, one of the brands of Acme Holding, which operates in the yarn sector with the Etrofil brand, the mattress sector with the Armis brand and the carpet sector with the Artemis brand, has started the public offering process.

The brand, which is waiting for approval from the CMB to open to the stock exchange, will open 25 percent of its shares to the public upon completion of the approval process. Tolga Batallı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Acme Holding, who explained that they work with 100 percent capacity as Artemis Halı, noted that they export 60 percent of the production.

Stating that they also have a serious share in the domestic market as a value-added product, Batallı announced that they will commission an investment of 7-8 million euros that will increase the capacity by 35 percent with the completion of the CMB process.

Tolga Batallı
Tolga Batallı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Acme Holding

Batallı stated that their current capacity is 2 million square meters and that they can provide carpets to 150 thousand households every year. Stating that they have an investment plan of 25-30 million euros for 2024 as a group, Batallı stated that they want to open the yarn and mattress departments to the stock exchange after the carpet group. Batallı stated that they are also investing in solar energy in this process and that they will meet 65 percent of their energy needs with the solar energy panels they will install on the roofs of Kayseri, Gaziantep and Yalova factories.

Stating that they are currently among the top 10 brands in the mattress industry and aim to be among the top three brands within five years, Tolga Batallı said, “With our production facility in Kayseri, which we built in 2022, we tripled our production track and storage area.

In our production facility, we produce at world standards for an ergonomic, comfortable and healthy sleep. By the end of the year, we will open 150 new showrooms and 200 corner points to strengthen our sales points across Turkey, bringing our total number of stores to 750. In 2023, our goal is to reach a turnover of 500 million TL by using our strong production infrastructure and the latest technology.”

Explaining that their next goal is to grow in the global arena, Batallı said, “In the first 9 months of 2023, we added 34 countries to our export network. Our goal until the end of the year is to increase the number of countries we export to 40. Among the countries we target, the Balkans, BEA and Central Europe are in the first place.” Batallı also stated that the mattress industry, which has reached a volume of 750 million dollars in Turkey, ranks first in the world.

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