PlayStation 5 Pro Leaks: All Features of PS5 Pro

PlayStation 5 Pro Leaks - All Features of PS5 Pro

Sony readying to announce new PlayStation 5 Pro to gamers. According leaks, Sony will focus performance improvements with new PS5 Pro.

Known Features About PS5 Pro

Improved FPS, along with accelerated tracking, was set as the performance benchmark to achieve more results in 4K. It was emphasized that another focus of PS5 Pro is 8K gaming experience.

Although there is no official announcement about the PlayStation 5 Pro and Slim model, the Pro model of the console is planned to be released in 2024.

According to Insider Gaming, PlayStation 5 Pro will be released in November 2024. The PS4 Pro came 3 years after the regular model, and it seems that Sony is not in a hurry for the PS5 Pro.

In addition, various features of the Pro console were also revealed. It was stated that the console was called ‘Project Trinity’.

Software Development Kits be Shipped This Year

It was emphasized that the demo units of the model have been tested and the development kits will be sent to the game developers until November 2023.

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