President Erdoğan announced the economic decisions taken during the cabinet meeting

President Erdoğan announced the economic decisions taken during the cabinet meeting

The first meeting of the cabinet formed after the presidential elections on May 28th was held under the presidency of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

President Erdoğan, in his speech after the cabinet meeting, announced the decisions taken in the field of economy.

Erdoğan stated that they will work with all their might to realize the vision of the Turkish Century and added the following remarks.

“We will continue our energy initiatives, including the Black Sea gas, Gabar oil, and Akkuyu.”

“We will increase the number of city hospitals and prioritize education as we have done for the past 21 years.

There will be an increase in the reform for ensuring justice services, and the fight against terrorist organizations and drug traffickers will be conducted with determination.

We will implement projects to enhance food security and increase agricultural production. We will add new advancements to the defense industry and diversify the range of high-value innovative products in the industrial technology sector, such as TOGG.

We will expand our export market by entering new markets in the field of commerce. In transportation, we will meticulously weave our country with roads, tunnels, and high-speed train lines.

We will unleash the potential of tourism to its highest level and support our youth in education, sports, and all aspects of professional life. We will take steps to change Turkey’s face in terms of environment and urban planning.

We will engage in more determined efforts to combat climate change. The main agenda item will be healing the wounds of earthquakes. By building 650,000 homes, including 319,000 within the year, we will provide new homes for earthquake victims.

We will revitalize cities in terms of economic, commercial, social, and cultural aspects.

We will strengthen the economy by focusing on investment, production, export, employment, and growth without compromising on these goals.”

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