President Erdogan: “We need to mobilize the Islamic world for Gaza.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made evaluations on the agenda and answered journalists’ questions on the plane returning from her visit to Hungary.

Upon a journalist’s question about the inhumane events in Gaza, Erdogan said the following. “Unfortunately, Israel’s massacre in the region, which it started on the grounds of ending the effectiveness of Hamas in Gaza, unfortunately continues. Everyone is asking the question, ‘So what will happen next?’ Will it establish a new administration there, will it annex it, will there be a new formation under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah? Is a solution without Hamas possible? Has there been any contact between Hamas and Fatah during this process? How close is the region to a two-state solution after this ceasefire? What would you like to say about Turkey’s role here?” Erdogan continued his speech with the following words:

“I have repeatedly said that Hamas is not a terrorist organization and that it is a political party. I say it again. As a political party, they are fighting for the rights they will gain. I brought Fatah and Hamas, namely Ismail Heniyye and Mahmoud Abbas, together in my office. That meeting was already reported in the media. There is no such thing as Fatah and Hamas not meeting. They are meeting, and it is possible for them to carry these talks further. I believe that there are many things that we, as Turkey, have done and can do in this regard, because Fatah and Hamas must live in peace with each other.

Right now, when we talk about Hamas, we talk about Palestine. This means that they are like flesh and bones with each other. We need to preserve this unity and with this unity, we need to endeavor to bring this matter to a conclusion, God willing. I believe that this is how we should get the result. Right now, all we are worried about is how many of the wounded and sick from Gaza we can take into our country, how many of them we can get treated in our country… After that, if these attacks end and a point is reached, our agenda will be the construction and reconstruction of Gaza. We need to mobilize the Islamic world for this. We are evaluating with the Gulf countries and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation that we are ready to take part in this issue and to show our best efforts in terms of construction and restoration.”

Cover Photo: Mustafa Kamacı / AA

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