Reeder announces the start of production of its new product

Reeder Technology

Reeder announced that mass production of its new product S19 Max Pro S Zoom model will start.

The following information was included in the announcement.

Our company has completed the product planning of the S19 Max Pro S Zoom model as a result of product development studies on smart phones. The mass production of the product, which has successfully passed the preliminary test stages, will start and it is aimed to be introduced to the consumer in January 2024. In addition, sales of Apollo Max Bluetooth Headset, Reefit Massage Gun, Reefit Massage Glove, Reeder Smart Garden products, whose production and supply planning has been completed, will start in our ReeDükkan sales stores in January 2024.

As a result of research conducted in line with product trends in international and local markets and consumer demands, the 512 GB memory capacity version of our current S23 Pro Max smart cell phone model was offered for sale in our ReeShop stores.

In addition, our Company continues to closely follow product trends in the international and local markets and to develop new products in order to respond to consumer demands.

Sincerely submitted for the information of the public.”

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