Reeder will launch its new products


Reeder, operating across various marketing channels in Turkey’s electronics market, will revitalize the electronic market with its new products.

The following statement was made by Reeder regarding the subject.

Our company continues its efforts to keep up with technological product trends in international markets, aiming to respond promptly to consumer needs and demands across all sales channels and ReederStores, while increasing the diversity of products sold. Following our business and product development initiatives, production and supply planning for G19 Pro S Laptop, Apollo Max Bluetooth Headphones, Apollo Ear Pods Bluetooth Headphones, M11 Pro Max Tablet Computer, Alfreed Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Reefit Massage Gun, Reefit Massage Gloves, Reefit Smart Ring, and Reeder Smart Greenhouse products have been completed, and it has been decided to commence sales at the earliest opportunity.”

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