Samsung announced new sales platform focused on gamers

Samsung announces new sales platform focused on gamers

Samsung has created a new sales platform that focuses only on gamers. Let’s take a brief look at the listed items.

Samsung made an important announcement at the end of June. The company announced that it will establish a new platform where only gamer-specific accessories will be sold.

The platform named “Game Portal”, opened for use in 11 July 2023. Dozens Samsung product started to to be listed in the new platform.

Product List in Samsung Game Portal

Samsung’s Game Portal platform features products that appeal to gamers, such as Odyssey series player monitors, SSD storage units and memory cards. But not all products are limited to these.

Samsung also listed its Galaxy S23 series phones and Neo series smart televisions on the platform. Of course, these products can offer players important features and high performance. But the strange thing is that these devices are listed in the “Gamer XXX” categories.

In other words, Samsung offers its standard products under the Gaming label within the Game Portal. Moreover, according to the news of Sam Mobile, even the Galaxy Buds headphones are listed among the player products, as in the image above. However, we did not see this product on the UK page we checked.

Samsung Game Portal is currently available in South Korea and the United Kingdom.

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