Security Council failed to reach an agreement on Gaza


The session in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), where a resolution on ending the conflict in Gaza and increasing humanitarian aid was to be voted on, has been postponed due to a lack of agreement among member states.

“The United Nations (UN) announced the cancellation of the Gaza session scheduled for 17:00 local time in New York.

According to sources within the UN, member countries have not yet reached an agreement on the Gaza resolution planned to be presented by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The draft resolution, set to be voted on tomorrow morning, calls for ‘ending the conflicts’ and ‘increasing humanitarian aid’ in Gaza.

The resolution urges all parties to fulfill their obligations to protect civilians under international law and international humanitarian law. It also calls upon the UN Secretary-General to establish a mechanism for overseeing aid.

The draft resolution calls upon the UN to confirm that the aid is humanitarian and requests the UN to inform the ‘Palestinian Authority and Israel’ about the types of aid. It also includes a call for the provision of necessary fuel for the distribution of aid.

The resolution demands the release of all hostages and condemns any violation of international humanitarian law.

Sources indicate that the US has requested changes in the wording concerning ‘ending the conflicts’.

Source: AA

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