Sur Tatil GYO made me lose 128 Turkish Lira on the 5th day!

Sur Tatil Evleri GYO

Sur Tatil Evleri GYO printed a loss of 128 liras to its investors in just 5 days after being listed on the stock exchange.

Sur Tatil Evleri GYO had given only 291 lira shares to thousands of small investors in the public offering.

According to the news in; While Sur Tatil Evleri GYO once again became the base, it caused a big scandal. The company, which gave only 291 lira shares to thousands of small investors, made a loss of 128 lira in 5 days.

While a total of 55 companies were offered to the public in 2023, the only share that made a loss in the first week was Sur Tatil Evleri GYO led by Ziraat Investment. In the public offering, in which small investors showed great interest, only 291 liras worth of shares were given to domestic individuals.

The 5-day loss of the investor who bought 491 liras of bonds in this offering was 128 liras. The share became the floor once again today.

The Paramedya analysis team warned investors in its publications about the IPO in question. Stating that it was “a kind of project financing disguised as an IPO”, the anlists pointed out that the company has not made any money yet.


The company still made the following statement to KAP after the public offering:

In the public offering, a total of 45,000,000 shares, including 22,500,000 shares with a nominal value of TL 22,500,000 issued due to the increase of Sur Tatil Evleri GYO capital from TL 145,000,000 to TL 167,500,000, and 22,500,000 shares with a nominal value of TL 22,500,000 belonging to the current partner Sur Yapı Endüstri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., were sold at TL 49.18. Accordingly, the size of the public offering was realized as TL 2,213,100,000.

In the public offering, the demand for shares with a total nominal value of TL 45,000,000 was approximately 2.88 times the planned sales amount.

Domestic Individual Investors demanded 1.72 times the planned allocation amount and Domestic Institutional Investors demanded approximately 7.50 times the planned allocation amount.

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